Night of Mysteries.

        Gene Alcorn was born into a Family of magicians. His grandfather, Gene Alcorn II also known as the “The Col.”, had been building and performing magic as far back as the 1930’s. During the mid-1920's, before his extensive career in the field of Illusionary feats, The Col. had worked briefly in the shadows for Harry Houdini. This may have been what conjured his desire to become a magician himself. Gene's father, Gene Alcorn III although a fine magician, was a master carpenter and truly an innovator in the art of designing and building magic. He devoted much of his spare time working alongside, his father (The Col.) to build illusions for magicians and dealers all over the world.


From Left to Right:  John Alcorn, Hugh Alcorn, & Gene Alcorn III

        Hugh Alcorn was an extremely dexterous and quite effective sleight of hand artist. Hugh was trained by one of the finest Sleight of Hand Artist of the time, Walter Cummings. Gene Alcorn III, alongside his brother Hugh, continued Alcorn's Studio of Illusions after the passing of The Col. Gene Alcorn II in 1981. They diligently worked hand in hand to keep the magic alive... and did so until the passing of Gene's father (Gene Alcorn III) in 2014.


        Raised in Western New York, Gene Alcorn performed his first 'Magic Show', at the age of 12, in his backyard for all the neighborhood kids. He caught the fever and started performing whenever and wherever he could. Perseverance led him to performances in schools, clubs, and eventually theater engagements for which he received accolades from local newspapers. Up to the age of 20, he would often travel with his Grandfather to magic dealers to deliver new illusions to the likes of Tannen's, Hull Brothers and Nelson Enterprises, to name a few.

        A proud member of The Society of American Magicians and The International Brotherhood of Magicians, Gene Alcorn is excited and delighted to be performing and building magic, to this day.